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COILPROFIL will invest in the opening of a new production line
English Section Publicat de Adrian Agachi 03 Sep 2013 10:14
Coilprofil, the local manufacturer of corrugated sheets, galvanized profiles, thermal insulating panels and other metal systems, with its headquarters in Ceptura (Prahova county), aims this year at exceeding the threshold of 10 million EUR of the turnover. Thus, an increase of over 16% compared to the 8.6 million EUR recorded in 2012 is expected to take place. The company has a production facility in Ceptura and produces here Metigla metal tiles, Metidro rainwater systems and other metal products such as corrugated sheets, fa├žade boxes and thermal insulating panels with mineral wool and polystyrene, as well as accessories for final retouches and galvanized profiles for structures, all bearing the brand Metindu. The company management has announced the continuation of the investment programme in the next 12 months, by rearranging the office space and the opening of a new production line. Also, for the current year, the continuation of the growth of the exports quota by 10% compared to 2012 is aimed at. According to the company’s data, the activity in 2013 began with difficulty, due to the unfavorable conditions in the construction market and the prolonged winter, but a significant revival was felt in the early summer season. "In order to achieve the objective of exceeding the threshold of 10 million EUR, we have taken measures since last year, when we consolidated the sales department in order to be present in certain areas were the company was less visible, as well as through the augmentation of the logistical and technical support. We also rely on the reputation that we already have on the market because the Coilprofil products have an optimal quality - price reference", said Liviu Mistodinis, general manager of the company. Ever since its inception, Coilprofil invested in the acquisition of the latest equipment with a large manufacturing capacity. "Now, we have an important potential to increase production without the need for suplimentary investment in equipment. However, we intend to develop further the range of products available on the local level", said the manager of Coilprofil.
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