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MCA GRUP: Orientation towards international markets
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 02 Oct 2013 10:04
The garage door manufacturer MCA Grup, which has contracts with a value over 32 million lei, reported in the previous year a similar turnover compared to 2011. This development was supported by the implementation of a new strategy oriented towards foreign markets. According to current estimations, it is possible that within next years the export weight of the total production to reach 30%. For 2013, MCA management is optimistic, assessing an increase of about 10%. The overall market will record further negative corrections, while the financial blockage and weaknesses of the construction field will cause a tough selection of companies, including the ones activating on shading systems and garage doors segments. Referring to the specific activity, Ciprian Oprea, MCA general manager, said that the company succeeded, in spite of the adverse conditions caused by the economic crisis, to preserve the market share at 15% on the shading systems sector, while on the garage doors segment the specific quota is 32% (MCA being the leader among local producers). In order to achieve the current targets, it will be necessary to provide a greater supply to Western European countries (especially Belgium, France and Italy) and in adjacent regions of Romania such as Bulgaria, Moldavia and Serbia. Nonetheless, the local customers will not be neglected. According to the latest data available, the local market for garage doors recorded a contraction of 10% in 2012, the decline being in correlation with the number of building permits issued in 2011, which decreased at a similar pace. Furthermore, a negative impact on the segment has been exercised by the stopping of works on a number of large industrial projects, due to the political and economic instability. Under these conditions, the experts estimate that the number of MCA sectional doors which will be delivered during this year will sum up more than 14,500 units, and their approximate value will be around 10 million EUR. Furthermore, it is expected that the market will maintain the downward trend for this year as well. For further information, click here!
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