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Domenii: Lacuri si vopsele
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Producator de vopsele si lacuri si furnizor de substante chimice speciale.
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AKZONOBEL: New logistics center in Cluj and ambitious growth targets
Jean-Philippe Robin (42 years old)
Position/Company: Sales Manager South Europe AkzoNobel;
Experience: 17 years in industry.
As a global leader in paints and coatings and, at the same time, a major player in the chemical industry, in 2016 AkzoNobel reported a revenue of 14.2 billion euros, the result of the first three quarters of the previous year, indicating a turnover of 11.07 billion euros. The group is active in more than 80 countries around the globe and employs about 46,000 people. In Romania, the Dutch company is present through its subsidiary AkzoNobel Coatings SRL, which recently started a repositioning and rebranding strategy with the obvious goal to better exploit the opportunities provided by a very dynamic construction market.
- How would you describe your position in the Romanian paints sector?
- Even though we have a very strong market share at group level, in your country, after the economic crisis, we had less exposure. However, two years ago, we started a very complex project to revitalize our brand in a market with strong growing prospects. Our goal is, more specifically, to become a true leader, just like we are in the other regions where our group is active.
- What are the milestones of your strategy?
- The starting point was to build a high performing local team and to improve the distribution chain, to maximize the satisfaction of our clients in terms of delivery terms. That’s why we started a partnership with a professional logistics park in the northern part of Romania, in Cluj count. This partnership, in addition to the existing warehouse in Bucharest (through our partnership with Color Magic) will ensure future full coverage of the country. Our products for the wood coatings segment will be available from now on in two main categories: one, for exterior joinery under the name of Sikkens Wood Coatings, and the other for interior solutions under the name of AkzoNobel Wood Coatings. Therefore, in the future it will be easier for our clients to differentiate between our product offerings. The next step will consist in starting a professional communication campaign, to better highlight all of our initiatives and the beneficial impacts to our customers.
- To what extent do you estimate all of this will impact the results in Romania?
- Last year, we managed to sell 7 million euros worth of products, and management’s target is to double this figure in three years, in an organic manner. This is a tangible goal and we will pursue it very closely. Romania is a good market for companies which promote quality and performance products and that’s why we are quite optimistic.
- What about the general prospect of development in the short and medium term?
- We will continue to follow four main directions, namely: promoting only high quality products and services; launching our new 10 years warranty and 4 new products; offering to our clients superior techniques of coloring (in more than 8,000 tints); and shortening the delivery terms as much as possible. We strongly believe that this is the recipe of success in our field of activity.
(articol aparut in revista Fereastra, editia Ianuarie/Februarie 2018)

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