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GEALAN reports 10% increase sales, due to export activities
English Section Publicat de AG&F 14 Mai 2013 14:43
Gealan Romania ranks among the top PVC suppliers at national level, holding a privileged position on the profile market ever since the company was founded. The economic crisis has led to a redesign of the group strategy, including the orientation toward innovation and the implementation of strong measures for the strengthening of distribution network. Recently, given the evolution of the demand on the traditional markets, the management of the company has decided to begin an activity in the Persian Gulf region as well (Saudi Arabia and Iraq). A significant increase of the sales in 2013 is aimed at through this policy. Last year, the delivery of systems to a number of partner companies, specialized in the manufacture of insulating joinery, has begun. The most significant percent of the commercialized profiles was the one of the upper classes of performance. In this context, for 2013, a turnover 10% higher than the one reported in the previous year, which stood at about 29 million EUR, is expected. The construction of the Bucharest factory was started in 1998 and the inauguration of the new facility, which initially operated through three extrusion equipments, took place in less than 12 months. The development from the next period of time was accelerated and, in 2002, the processing was performed by six extrusion lines. The number of the latter increased to ten during the peak point of the market's development, ensuring a production capacity of 15,000 tons / year. This progress was correlated directly with the exponential increase in demand for insulating joinery, the maximum point being in 2008, when the total sales from the analyzed sector reached the rate of 1.2 billion EUR. In the given context, the turnover of Gealan Romania reached a record high during that year, placing at around 80 million EUR. The performance has been confirmed as well by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (which ranked the company first in the "National Top of Companies"), and Coface Romania, which, within a specific study, confirmed the presence of the society among the best performing 50 businesses active on the domestic market. For further information and a detailed analysis of the current TOP-Agenda Constructiilor issue click here!
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