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WINKHAUS: Over 150 years of tradition and innovation
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 03 Sep 2014 09:49
The German provider of hardware systems for thermal insulating joinery - Winkhaus - has reported a sustained growth in turnover until 2009, when it began to be affected by the negative trend of the economic crisis. For this reason, the group management believes that the corporation would need a few years to offset the cumulative drop during recession and bring the results of Winkhaus at the past performance rates. The situation is quite heterogeneous at the world level, some markets having the ability to regenerate quickly, while others, including Romania, are still facing quite pronounced decrease in consumption. According to corporate management, is becoming more evident that the increased chances of success in the efforts to overcome the current economical crisis have companies which benefit from funding and are heavily export oriented, otherwise the usual risk being a further reduction of the activity and even bankruptcy. The Romanian market is atypical and, therefore, has a good chance of recovery thereafter. In this respect, Mag. Clemens Morse, the company's sales manager, pointed out that ...

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